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Air Purifier & Sterilizer

The “AIRJOY ” range of equipment is available in several sizes depending on the surfaces to be treated (schools, nurseries, canteens, party rooms, office premises, rolling stock, confined spaces, etc. up to 132 m2).

All microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores are destroyed and eliminated between half an hour and an hour.

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Purifier &  Air Sterilizer

Our Air Purifiers Anti Virus and infections of all kinds, are the most efficient on the market. We guarantee 99.9% destruction of viruses. Our equipment is at the cutting edge of technology and safety.


The range  Uni-Q are air purifiers and sterilizers that treat very large surfaces, but we also have purifiers more suited to your volumes.


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Antibacterial & desinfection tunnel

Nebula is a prevention device that works by pulverization. Its 36 nano-sprays are automatically triggered by a motion sensor and leave no residue on clothing, hair or skin.


Nebula uses a product called KID-Clean. It is preservative-free, non-toxic and safe to use. It is approved by the American Food and Drug Administration.


The actions of its disinfectant product are combined with NEBULA's 12 UV-C lamps that will sanitize up to 900 people per hour.


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TVOC Sensor Transmitter



RADIONODE TVOC UA50 Sensor Transmitter is a sensor that measures Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC), carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2) and absolute humidity .

Wi-Fi Sensor Data Transmitter



RADIONODE RN172WC is a data transmitter for UA series sensors that uses a network connection to send measurements to the Tapaculo® 365 server or the Tapaculo Lite program.


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True wireless charger

induction for iPhone  

This Power Bank* is compatible with iPhone, equipped with lithium polymer battery  with its 5000mAh capacity and high speed without any loss or damage.

* External battery


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Smart Door Lock

* Smart Door Lock


The Most Perfect Security

Introducing revolutionary security technology of KeyinS. 

The ‘Zero Second Locking’.


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White Structure


EUKOR is a Franco-Korean company, specialized in the import of quality and high-tech devices and innovative products from South Korea.

EUKOR offers you products to improve your health and maximize your well-being. These products are tested and certified to provide you with the best possible quality. Korean technology is recognized worldwide and implemented for nearly ten years.

EUKOR also sells innovative products, around the kitchen, of quality and high technology resulting from South Korea.  Find these products on the MagiChef France website.

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