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Import company

We import quality products from Korea. We are specialized in products, electrical, food, clothing & accessories, etc. and possibility for very specific products only on order.

We will import good products and provide them to our customers.

Étagères avec des produits
Super Food Santé
Vêtements à suspendre
Electrical products
Food products
Clothes and accessories

Export activity

Starting with France, we plan to export a variety of high quality European products to Korea. If you have any good products you want to export to Korea, please contact us by phone at +33 1 60 06 28 90 or +33 6 82 02 99 67   and by email to


Wholesale and retail

We sell products imported from Korea wholesale and retail.

If you need more product information, please contact us by email below.

Products for export to Korea are also purchased for wholesale and retail. If you have any products you wish to sell, please contact usby phone at+33 1 60 06 28 90or+33 6 82 02 99 67  andby email

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