The Uni-Q 500TH air purifier covers an area of up to 1320 m² !

Treat yourself to clean and pure air !

Purificateur d'air écologique 

Des matières premières à l'élimination,

nous fabriquons des produits conformes aux normes de certification des produits écologiques après des années de recherche et de développement.

Low energy consumption & ease of use  

Low noise level and energy consumption thanks to the use of a BLDC "Brushless DC" motor.


Circulation of Pure Air at more than 30M


The Uni-Q 500TH purifier purifies the air
all 4 sides 360 °


Automatic operation depending on indoor pollution

Air quality indication, display of TVOC values : Total Volatile Organic Compounds , PM 2.5

Blue 0-15: Good

Green 16-35: Medium

Yellow 36-75: Bad

Red 76-: Very Bad

The colors of the bar on LED display panels change depending on the concentration of TVOC.

IoT solution

You can connect to monitor your air quality in real time (PC or Smartphone via HTML 5).

IoT: Internet of Things


4 High screens  Definition

You can display your advertisements and announcements on the screens on the 4 sides of the purifier which will allow everyone to see them.

360 ° purification

The presence of filters on the 4 sides of the purifier allows 360 ° purification of the air.

The purification system and air sterilization in 4 steps.

Our air purifier consists of 3 filters (pre-filter, activated carbon filter, HEPA H13 filter) and a photocatalysis filter, in order to remove almost all ultrafine dust, harmful gases, viruses,

bacteria, germs. ( 99.9% efficiency tested and proven by independent laboratories)

Filtration System All-in-One


A pre-filter

captures all coarse dust like hair, hairs.

Washable and reusable


An activated carbon filter

absorbs VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), odors from your interior (cigarettes, aerosols, etc.) as well as pollutants.

Filter replacement required every 6 to 12 months  


HEPA H13 filter

captures 99.9% of ultra-fine particles such as pollens, allergens, germs (PM 2.5 or PM 0.3 - 0.5).

Filter replacement required every 6 to 12 months  


A filter

photocatalytic + UVC lamp

removes the last fine particles that would have passed through the various filters such as dust mites, germs, bacteria, viruses present in the air and sanitizes the air.

Performance evaluation of the Antiviral photocatalytic filter

- 99.9% of the H3N2 influenza virus in a chamber is cleared within 20 minutes

- Test performed by KISTEC Japanese Performance Testing Institute


Performance test results

Fill your space with fresh air with Uni-Q 500TH !

Uni-Q is the best solution for large surfaces and heavily frequented public places.


UNI-Q 460A

115x115x280 cm

Silver white / Silver gray

1320 m2


Pre-filter / Activated carbon filter /

HEPA filter (H13) / Photocatalysis filter


220V / 60Hz




Leisure Parks, Shopping Centers,

Metro stations, Train stations, Airports, etc. 

4 x 43 "

Dimensions (WxDxH)



Max surfaces





Voltage / Frequency







UHD screens

Our purifiers fight effectively against :
Pollen and other allergens
The smells
Bacteria and viruses

The UNI-Q 500TH purification and sterilization system scientifically proven neutralises the majority of bad bacteria and viruses in the air in addition to the absorption of volatile organic compounds, filtration of micro-particles (dust, pollen ) and the destruction of various pollutants or odors (cigarettes, aerosols, etc.) with 99.9% efficiency tested and proven by independent laboratories .

This technology is particularly suitable for workshops and meeting spaces, conference rooms, shopping centers, reception halls, sports, cinema, shows, exhibition halls, airport, metro stations, train station, etc.

In addition, its 4 High Definition screens make them particularly perfect for high-traffic areas to broadcast all types of content such as advertisements or announcements and information for the public.

It is a latest generation air purification and sterilization system developed by an industrial group in South Korea and is fully adapted and dedicated to the control and prevention of COVID-19.

This equipment is already widely in service in Korea with government departments and also equips spaces receiving the public and offices and the results are remarkable!

Due to its unique design in its category, this equipment has particularly reliable and efficient technology. It is easy to install, low in energy and easy to maintain. It reassures the general public about the quality of the air they breathe by drastically reducing the risk of contamination.


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